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Below & Above - Vibrational Souls Ft, Miguel  Medina

Below & Above - Vibrational Souls Ft, Miguel Medina

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  "Below and Above"   A meditation & Sound healing journey.

Join Chaz from Vibrational Souls & Miguel Medina from Singing tree flutes as they bring Ancient sounds of indigenous wooden flutes, world Hand pans, Rav Drums, Gongs, Singing bowls, and bio- healing frequencies engineered to restore your cellular body, balance emotions and uplift the soul into a place of rejuvenation, relaxation and warm feeling of love & compassion.


This music is intended for meditative sound healing purposes. With the intention of calming the mind and relax the body.


If you would like to learn more about sound healing music or purchase ceremonial healing musical instruments check our websites.

Singing tree

This music is designed to work with Vibrational Sound tables/ Vibrational Sound healing equipment available on our website.

May please & balance be with you.


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