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The Power of Sound

Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On July 31, 2022


Chaz has been using sound therapy for ten years, and has been a music therapist for six years. Prior to this life change, Chaz was a professional musician and recording artist, and this is how he first realized the power of sound and the effect that it has on the body and mind. MysticMag finds out more.

What happens to YOUR body when you perform a sound healing session?

I work as a music and sound therapist. When I work on myself using sound and vibration I use a very unique tool that I have developed called a Bio-Vibe Table that sends frequency directly into the body. This allows the cells, organs, bones and tissue in my body to restore to the correct frequency.

Our body has patterns that it likes to be in and these patterns can be disrupted by an accident, a fall or simply by being in an uncomfortable position for a little while. By sending familiar vibrations to these muscles, organs, bones…sound and vibration can restore them back into recalibration. I see between 15 and 20 clients a week and perform this therapy on myself around five times a week.

What are the fundamental principles behind vibrational/sound healing?

Scientifically – known as cymatics – we can see that sound creates a physical change in the cells. It actually restructures the patterns of the cells. Additionally, sound also changes the brain wave state.

Most of us are in a perpetual ‘fight or flight’ Beta state – a state of stress at all times. Within about three minutes sound and vibration can alter the brain wave state. As a music therapist my mission is to work on both the body and brain (full spectrum healing) to take it out of the fight or flight Beta state into an Alpha or Theta state where we can access, rejuvenate and restore.

Is it preferable for students to have some kind of musical or bodywork background before taking a sound healing course?

Sound healing has no pre-cursors. There is only one suggestion I have and that is to open and use your heart. No knowledge of music is needed – if your heart is open in a session, you can genuinely be fully there. This is how we become present with the sound therapy and client to help restoration take place.

Are sound journeys designed for all individuals or should they be tailored to each individual’s needs?

Initially I would say that everybody is unique and requires something a little different but having done this work for so long and having seen so many people, I have come to realize that there is a generalness about society.

When somebody comes to me with whatever is wrong (sore toe/broken heart/cancer/skin issues…and it can be anything), if they haven’t been balanced or spent any time balancing themselves, this is the first journey that needs to take place. The body needs to be balanced (which people should be doing often, as I do five times a week), because if not, restoration will not occur.

In fact, 80% of the time, once I have spent half an hour realigning and balancing my clients, the problem that they came in with has already been dealt with. From here, whatever pops up can be focused on fully. This is where the healing journey begins.

What is the science behind frequencies affecting and healing the body?

You can look at the body in a few different ways. It is the patterns that are created that work the magic. The frequency is the placeholder of what the pattern creates. The pattern is the information holder of how it reinforms the cell of how it needs to be structured and how to work.

Frequencies match or correspond to the different frequencies in the body. For example, similar to the effect an opera singer has on a wine glass, finding the frequency of a kidney stone and playing this frequency to the kidney stone until it the wine glass…is the basic principle of sound healing. Maybe they turn this frequency up three times as loud until the kidney stone explodes. The kidney stone is therefore easier to release – and the body can eject.

What do you offer your clients and what can they expect to walk away with?

We offer our clients a unique sound experience (a musical rollercoaster) that allows them to go into a physical restorative journey and at the same time allows for emotional and psychological movement, release and stability.

We encourage people to activate their self-potential so they can go out there and achieve what they are capable of. They can ignite their own vibration, discover their passion and start to live out a fuller life, become healthier and more in tune. The more people that do this leads to a collaborative effort, and the more in tune the planet becomes.

In your experience, what percentage of the population is open to this form of healing?

Ten years ago when I started out with sound therapy, most people thought I was wasting my time. However, the people I worked with told me that ten years from ‘now’ it would be as accepted as yoga.. We now see sound bowls in every yoga studio and sound therapy plays a huge role in all holistic therapies – currently the fifth biggest industry in the world.

This is only because IT WORKS. It is becoming increasingly popular as people experience the effects and I have every faith that within the next ten years we will see it like massage therapy – absolutely everywhere.

Scientific Studies on
Vibrational Sound Table Therapy

by neuroscientist Jeff Tarrant, PhD

Case Study #1

Vibrational Sound Table Therapy by Chaz

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