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Being on this sound healing journey has been very insightful and beneficial to myself and my

loved ones. I knew sound through music was therapeutic. However, taking your sound healing course was more than I expected. Learning about the crystal and 7 metal singing bowls was mind-blowing on how I could use them on my body and others to heal one-self along with moving and clearing energy from the body, plants, home, nature and so much more. I have used the

bowls to calm myself when I have been triggered or had a stressful day. I can immediately tell

the difference and how my mood shifts. I even experimented on my plants and could hear the difference when there was dense energy around, clearing that energy and replacing it. I have used the 7 metal bowls to drink my water and I can tell a difference. I have used methods taught

in class with the 7 metal bowls to help my son go to sleep. When I asked my son how he felt the next day he said he liked it and it really helped him fall to asleep fast. He woke up feeling more relaxed. I also played the bowl with another method taught in class for my boyfriend. Before I finished the session he fell sound asleep. 


Taking this course has opened my mind to all of what sound healing that my crystal bowls and

7 metals are capable of. I am looking forward to all I will uncover while providing sound healing

to all the other aligned souls who are wanting to heal. It was a pleasure learning so much knowledge and where this journey will take me.


Thank you, Chaz, for being a beautiful soul, sharing your love and knowledge of sound healing.


Tasha T

Chaz has been a great teacher and leader when introduced me to the sound healing table not only did he make me feel relaxed and comfortable but he has a vast knowledge that he educated me on spiritually and physically benefits and how our session would aid me on my path, I've been able to learn and develop who I am on so many levels and have discovered my passions again. I've also been able to sleep well after each session because of the results and my experience I told friends and family. He's such a wonderful soul and I'm grateful to have crossed paths.

Kendra Elyse

Chaz has transformed my life with his teachings. As a Reiki Master, I thought my energy healing journey was complete until I met Chaz! His energy was warm, fun and inviting. I learned about metal singing bowls and I eventually invested in buying a set in which he helped me to find the right fit for me. What I learned in his singing bowl class was phenomenal and beyond my expectations. Sound healing feels amazing! I'm using the sound healing teachings I learned from him with my clients and having so many more break throughs and healing! I highly recommend working with him!

Best experience ever! Thank you so very much for taking your time to help balance me. At this moment I feel free of any pain or stress. I feel as if you took ten years off of me. I feel light as a feather. I will book another appointment with you. Blessings!

Bee Adriana Huitron León

Thank you so much Chaz. This was an amazing experience for me. I felt so fabulous with all my Chakras completely balanced. There was so much positive energy in the room. You did a fantastic job and are very knowledgeable with your work. It was an honor to be there.

Giavonna Chianti

This event was an outstanding experience! I left feeling very relaxed and happy, and I would love to go again.

Amanda Rae Freeman

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