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Sound Therapy Table

Our BioVibe table is one of the most technologically advanced

healing instruments on the planet!

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This is no ordinary healing table

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VibralAcoustic Technology

The introduction of this technology allows your entire body to act as a speaker. Sending healing vibrations 
throughout every organ and cell of your body.

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Electromagnetic Pulsing

Is one of the most powerful forces on the planet! This helps to push the flow of vibral acoustics along with the masculine and feminine energy 
technologies in the table.

Masculine & Feminine Energy

Having both of these energy forces working together will
bring about a full balanced healing.

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Embedded Vogel Crystal

The introduction of these crystals in our BioVibe tables bring about amplification, and transmission of the Universal Life Force Energy or “Chi”. This cut crystals inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance. This cut form allows the human mind to enter into a relationship with its own structural perfection. The crystal then emits a vibration extending and amplifying the power of the user's mind. Radiating energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form being transmitted into the body.

Marcel Vogel stated that "Love is the primary unit of life.", which is now found in our tables.


Tesla Coils

Designed by inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891 this is an electrical resonant transformer circuit.  It emits oscillating waves of various frequencies consisting of low frequency pulsing magnetic fields to treat pain in acoustic vibration machines such as our BioVibe table which detoxifies organs in the body, it also has high frequency cancer killing radio waves and ultra high frequency ultraviolet light creating ozone to deactivate viruses.

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With this table you will get:

• 15 bio-frequency therapies
• 3 BioVibe Sonic Puck Speakers
• 1 Professional mixing unit
• 3 custom Organite Tesla coil
negative ion pucks
• 1 high power, custom mono amplifier
• Pro-grade Sennheiser monitoring Studio headphones
• Trademark duffle bag carrying case
Professional chords

Including access to half of the over
40 BioVibe app Sound Healing therapies.
Such as S
ound Healing trainings and BioVibe table trainings for Tuning Fork workshops
plus so much more!



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With this table you will get
everything in the Classic plus:

 * BioVibe Jade and Tourmaline ionic
healing mat

* 5 BioVibe Sonic puck speakers
* Extra heavy duty high power mono block amplifier
* 3 trademark BioVibe Tesla coil Organite pucks
* 2 BioVibe electromagnetized negative
ionic field generators
* 1 lab certified precision cut Vogel crystal
* 2 double terminated electromagnetic
quartz points
* 1 
electromagnetic field generator
and copper coil mat

Including access to 20 sound table and bio frequency therapies plus 6 BioVibe sound practitioner training classes.


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