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Golden Ankh Frequency Pillow

Golden Ankh Frequency Pillow


Introducing our premium Golden Ankh Frequency Pillow designed with a Tesla Coil and Orgonite Ankh  send deep healing magnetic frequencies and vibrations into the physical body to help with chronic pain, inflammation, tense and sore muscles, bones, meditation and much more.


Golden Ankh Frequency Pillow Kit includes:

1-Upgraded frequency pillow with Tesla coil orgonite ankh with healing magnetic frequency

1-high powered amp

1-professional set of headphones

1-media player with 11 therapies


Official Release price $1,200

*Special Introductory price $999*


We have designed this pillow for home, travel, and practitioner use. It is a high-grade hybrid design that works with all body types, ages and experience levels.

Your custom designed Frequency Pillow comes with a range of sound therapies designed to help with physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances like insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and emotional tension. Also designed to soothe physical pain like lower back pain, muscle pain, tension in the body, cellular stress. Other sound therapies included help with detoxing the inner organs, kidneys, and adrenals as well as strengthening the immune system. New digital sound therapies are released on our website regularly and available for purchase to add to your collection.Our custom designed Vibro-Acoustic Therapy Table by Chaz features high-powered frequency speakers that emits a low frequency deep into the body that comes across as a physical vibration along with wearing headphones playing syncopated therapeutic music this encompasses a full mind body and emotional experience for a true therapeutic modality. It is a high-grade hybrid design that works with all body types, ages and experience levels.


Sounds, frequencies, and vibrations have been used for ages to heal the body, mind, and spirit from the times of ancient societies to modern-day. Scientistis and Doctors have proven the benefits of sound frequencies and vibrations in cutting edge technology and healing programs across the planet.

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