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Forest Vibrational Sound Experience

Forest Vibrational Sound Experience


Meet Chaz in the heart of the Cascade Mountains only 1 hour from Portland to experience Vibrational Sound Table Therapy as you bathe in the energy of the trees.

Chaz will be chanelling Reiki Energy and consulting with your guides on the sounds you need to hear for your optimal healing experience during your 1.5 hr session.

This Forest Vibrational Sound Experience is the first of its kind and completely customized to your healing needs: mind, body, spirit, etheric. Chaz mixes a live personalized vibrational sound bath with singing bowls, native american flutes, handpans, gong's, tuning Forks, sacred chimes and the beautiful vibration & sounds of mother nature as the wind blows through the trees and the river flows down below.


This is a one-of-a-kind healing experience that unites the harmonious elements of nature with the beautiful intention of sound healing mixed with modern-day frequency and vibrational healing.

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