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Kundalini Journey ft. Vibrational Souls & The Breath in Between

Kundalini Journey ft. Vibrational Souls & The Breath in Between

Recorded live October 17th, 2019 at Elevate Community Yoga, Modesto CA.
We Are All One; Inspired by the Aboriginal tale of the Rainbow Serpent
In January of 2018, I was guided by Source to the Continent of Australia as part of my own spiritual awakening. During this time, I was introduced to their creation story of the Great Rainbow Serpent. My time there was profound for many reasons, but that particular story has stuck with me ever since. Fast forward to the summer of 2019, I am in the middle of my morning yoga practice; listening to the newest musical creation by my best friend and spiritual soulmate Chaz. When seemly out of nowhere I felt guided to stop my practice and immediately meditate. This isn't the first time this has happened, so I took heed and began to sit. In what felt like mere seconds, I slipped into a deep meditative state, seduced by Chaz’s healing sounds. I began to feel the energy within my body increase and coil at my Root Chakra, then it started surging up my spine. But it wasn’t a clear path of energy; it seemed to swerve in and out along my spine, almost creating a figure-eight pattern. When this energy eventually reached my 3rd eyespot I was presented with a very clear description with what would be the inspiration for my words in this piece. Upon the conclusion of my session, I went inside and wrote down what I had seen. I was so excited by what had just occurred that I felt compelled to call Chaz. After a lengthy conversation, it was decided that this vision needed to be manifested. Chaz, who is currently living in Vancouver, Washington was planning on returning to the Modesto area in October so we decided this to be the perfect opportunity. I emailed him a rough outline of the “story” and he used that for inspiration to create the beautiful musical soundscape and instrumentation that you hear. Being that our physical forms are separated by nearly 700 miles, we were unable to rehearse, but due to the fact that we have 20 plus years of collaborating together in this lifetime, we were confident that we would be able to hit our mark. This is the live recording from that evening. While there are slight things that our egos may consider to be less than perfect, the wholeness of the experience outweighs them tenfold and we feel extremely blessed to be able to share it with you.
To show our deepest respect for the Aboriginal Community of Australia in which this story was conceived we have included a link to an article containing an Aboriginal Charity Guide if you wish to make a donation. Any financial profits from this project will go directly to their communities.


This and all music created by Chaz from Vibrational Souls is intended and can be used with The Vibrational Sound Tables and Frequency Pillows and are designed to be used in a therapeutic practice or privately at home for Self Healing and Consciousness Expansion.

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