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Healing the Body with Tuning Forks

Healing the Body with Tuning Forks


Join Chaz for a wonderful workshop on learning the basics of Healing the body with Tuning Forks!


Healing Tuning Forks have become very popular for the last 20 years and has had dynamic effects on the sound healing community with amazing success. Helping with chronic pain, emotional energy blocks, aura cleansing & returning, and helping to achieve higher states of consciousness.


In this class we will go through the history of tuning forks and how they are being used today.  Discuss the different styles, types and how they are also being used in the medical field,  massage therapy, sound healing and more.


Chaz will explain techniques on how to work with Healing Tuning Forks on the physical body for pain, physical release and muscle tension. How to cleanse and comb the aura, re-tune and repair DNA, as well as how to use the tuning forks in meditation and higher states of consciousness. Plus we will talk about some of the most common and popular frequencies people are using in tuning forks and why and how they affect the mind, body and spirit.

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