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Singing Bowl Course Part 1 — Playing with Ease & Love

Singing Bowl Course Part 1 — Playing with Ease & Love

This digital video class is part one of a four part workshop designed for beginners and seasoned sound workers.


The full series is a comprehensive and detailed introduction to singing bowls from the the ground level, building an understanding of the history and roots of singing bowls, the compounds and material make up, the harmonics of different kinds of bowls, and how to use singing bowls in meditation and healing practices.


Part 1 – Intro to Healing Singing Bowls
 We will cover:
• The history and different types of singing bowls 
• How to use them for comfort, love, growth, and activation 
• Basic steps in how to properly use a signing bowl with ease 
• How to incorporate them into meditation and prayer 
• An active singing bowl practice for groups
• How to move energy through the body to clear, balance, and recharge
• Clear emotions and pain from our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies
Join Chaz and a live group class on your journey to a deeper understanding of the theory, practice, and metaphysics of singing bowls.
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