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Vibrational Sound Therapy

  • 1 hour
  • 70 US dollars
  • Northeast Highway 99

Service Description

Our new Vibrational Sound Table Therapy sends frequencies through the whole body from head to toe, vibrating the inside of the organs, muscles, and bones. This is a very deep and powerful form of vibrational therapy. Vibration and sound therapies are based on the idea that illnesses or disease are characterized by blockage in the body’s channels. When there is blockage, the organ or organs stop vibrating on a healthy frequency, resulting in illness. Through vibration and sound therapies, one can break up, dissolve, and release these blockages. Vibrational Sound Table Therapy works by sending frequencies and sounds through the body. Patients experience this through my custom made sound table. The sound table is similar to a massage table except it has specialized speakers that vibrate. The patient lays on the vibrating table while listening to specially selected healing music. The sound table emits low frequencies that are in sync with the music that is played in their headphones. This combination creates theta brain waves and induces a deep meditative state. We have Vibrational Sound Therapies designed to help with … + Sleep deprivation, insomnia, and poor rest + Anxiety, depression, and stress + Emotional blockage & emotional release + Chronic pain, headache, backache, and internal pain + Releasing toxins in organs and muscles + Releasing yourself from limiting belief systems + Reactivating and increasing your creativity + Activating and strengthening the organs, muscles, and bones in the body + Cell rejuvenation and bone regrowth + Balancing and activating the adrenals and endorphins in the body + Calming the mind for deeper meditation and connecting to your subconscious + Balance and activating the chakras and energy systems in the body + Raising your conscious and connecting deeper to your spiritual path If you are wanting to schedule a different time than what is listed, we would love to accommodate you, feel free to contact us!

Contact Details

  • 6531 Northeast Highway 99, Vancouver, WA, USA

    + (360) 326-3264

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