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What is a

Sound Scientist?

Let's begin by finding out what Sound is...

Sound is what we experience when frequency and vibration interact with our 
consciousness. It also affects our nervous system causing emotional change
within us on a positive and /or a negative level.

Sound is also being used in the Science of medicine and healing. Sound is being looked at as resonance and how that works in the acoustical aspect of the body. 
Today sound in the form of ultrasound is commonly used to break up kidney
stones, clear blood clots, and help heal cavities, creating change in the physical dimension.

"A Sound Scientist is someone who understands the
capabilities of sound and how to use it in a scientific way to
create change in the physical dimension."

The Tools of Sound Healing...

Some of the many sound tools now being
used for healing are Singing Bowls, Tuning
Forks, Drums, and sound healing tables like
BioVibe Sound Healing Table used here
at North West Sound Healing.


Many ancient societies such as the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Celtics, and the Dogons had many uses for sound within the main aspects of their society. Not only using the sound of their voice or an instrument but having created some of the most unique and largest architecture on the planet which they would use to interface with those sounds. Brilliantly amplifying the sound and frequencies that would then be sent into the beings inside of these amazing structures.

This is called a "full immersion experience" which some say would create 
transformation not only on the physical body but also on the emotional and spiritual body allowing for an out of body and perhaps altered experience.

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Is this something that is happening today?

YES, it is! 

With the creation of new and different types of technologies such as Vibrational Sound Tables, Frequency Pillows, and BioVibe Tables. A BioVibe Table is a mixing of vibral acoustic technology and electromagnetic pulsing.

Vibral acoustic technology is a technology that sends
frequency directly into the body turning it into a speaker!
Allowing one to know what it is like to be a base drum,
a singing bowl or a didgeridoo and for your whole body,
every organ and every cell to get rearranged and retuned
by the sound.

The other technology electromagnetic pulsing is one of the
most powerful forces on the planet! It uses masculine
and feminine energy which creates a balanced full spectrum
healing. This force is also put off by the planets and even
our sun. We are seeing that sound can be one of the most
effective things to use to create change in the physical body
in order to have an emotional or psychological release.
Even to go in and tune your energetic body so that you can
really feel what it is like to be an aka Super Human!

This is something that we are starting to see in our society and in our local communities. Why? Because it works! Enough people are now having experiences with sound tables, singing bowls, and or drums and are seeing that it works and is making a difference! Making the same difference as given by a pill or some other therapy work. Letting it be known that music, sound, and frequency can be just as effective as other known socially accepted therapies.

The change is happening, the sound is now!
Can you hear it? Can you feel it?

What will Sound Scientist of the future do?

They are going to be one of the most universal and powerful ways of working with the human body due to the ability to get out of language. Regardless of a persons native tongue sound is universal not challenging or creating borders in its ability to connect with an individual and heal. Because of that we will be seeing new and different types of technology and science working with sound and music unifying it together.

"You are invited to join the vibration as we all use
Sound Science to restore, balance and regain confidence,
love and health in our mind, body and spirit!"

Take a closer look into Sound Science by viewing
our Sound Science Documentary and feel the love
we have for all of humanity through Sound!

Take a moment to feel the love!

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