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James "Chaz" Chavez – Multi-Instrumentalist, DJ, Producer

Chad "Diamond" Dann – MC, Spoken Word Poet


Vibrational Souls is a Multi-Genre World Fusion Band combining original music with a live DJ Set from Multi-Instrumentalist Chaz Chavez. With over 20 years of DJ experience, Chaz, also is a Sound Scientist, who blends a unique mix of Bass Music, Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing with instruments from all over the world.

Lionhearted Poet, visionary MC, and award-winning filmmaker Chad "Diamond: Dann uses the power of his voice and camera to capture and express the essence of who Vibrational Souls are, bringing a unique flavor to the group. Chad's multi-talented raw style and cinematic nature are a one-of-a-kind experience. Something which all souls on this planet should witness.

Look out for Vibrational Souls & Soul Family coming to a city near you.


Based in: Pacific Northwest
Founded in: 2020
Genre: #Sound Healing #EcstaticDance #Hiphop #Worldbass

               #Worldhouse #Downtempo #Tribaltrap
Sponsored by: Purple Nectar Studio's & Northwest Sound Healing

Distributed by: No Limits Records

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A New Live video mixtape of Vibrational Souls featuring Chaz, Chad "Diamond" Dann, and Soul Family of live footage of 2022 performances. Music by Vibrational Souls and Soul Family, a video mix created by Chad "Diamond" Dann of Vibrational Souls.